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  • Tai Chi
  • FunQi Fitness
  • Meditation
  • Reiki

Tai Chi & Chi Kung (Qigong)

Qigong is a mind and body exercise rooted in Asian traditions including traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts and philosophy. This class integrates slow, intentional movements with breathing and cognitive skills. This class will:

  • Strengthen, relax and integrate your body and mind
  • Enhance your energy level to improve health and personal development
  • Improve balance
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Work both sides of your brain to help battle against Alzheimer’s and dementia


FunQi incorporates Chi Kung (Qigong), Tai Chi, Yoga, Somatics, Tantra, Martial Arts and Professional Massage Therapy techniques to bring life into balance.

FunQi is a unique blend of relaxing movements, postures and breathing techniques; Self-massage and meditations designed to help busy, over-stressed people of all ages.

FunQi Promotes

·         Mindfulness  

·         Stress Relief

·         Encourages a Pain Free Body

·         Cultivates Energy/Chi/Prana

·          Increases Creativity 

·         Improves Intimacy and Relationships

·         Builds Strength

·         Improves Balance


Still your mind and increase your self-awareness to improve both your mind and body. This class will:

  • Promote Self-Healing
  • Introduce Calmness
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Improve Creativity
  • Help Fight habits and addictions
  • Improve goal setting and goal achievement


Dragon’s Breath Reiki is taught in three levels with Reiki I and Reiki II taught together in a weekend workshop consisting of two, six hour days. Students will study the history of Reiki, how to cultivate internal energy through the use of Chi Kung, learn the correct hand positions used in a Reiki treatment and learn the symbols associated with the 2nd degree.

The Reiki Master Course is not a weekend course with a specific timetable; it is more of an internship with the Master’s Certificate Awarded at the appropriate time. Students will learn advanced energy cultivation (Chi Kung), meditation techniques, advanced Reiki techniques, additional Reiki Symbols and instruction in the attunement process.

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