Advanced Orthopedic Sports Massage

Anyone with sports injuries, chronic pain or just wanting to improve their athletic performance, will benefit from this very individualized treatment. Ortho/Sports Massage uses deep tissue and Craniosacral techniques, neuromuscular therapy, active isolated stretching, myofascial release, trigger point and a wide range of Eastern healing techniques to restore structural balance throughout the body, eliminate or reduce pain and improve range of motion, leading to improved performance and prevention of future injuries. Ortho/Sport Massage is performed in a non-invasive manner. (Please note: Females should be attired in sports bra and shorts and men in shorts). Orthopedic sports massage is a proven successful treatment for pain that is either acute or chronic.

“I am a doctor and former athlete. Jim‘s treatments have been the most beneficial for my medical issues, and while under his treatment have seen the quickest results. Jim identified injuries which occurred 15 years prior and he identified these past injuries with only examination and palpation. I experienced significant increased range of motion at the areas of concern along with decreased pain and decreased rigidity immediately after the session. I would recommend Jim Fesler to any patient and/or colleague.”

Rosemarie Resendez, DPM


  • Pain Free Work
  • Treatment of Pain/Dysfunction
  • Complement to medical treatments
  • Improve the strain and discomfort of training
  • Reduce muscle soreness and breaks up fibrosis
  • Gives you a consistent higher level of training and performance.


One Hour Session $75
30 Minute Session $40
3 Pack $179 (Save $46)
5 Pack $295 (Save $80)
  • Full 60 Minute or 30 Minute Sessions
  • Massages can be shared or given as gifts
  • No Contracts

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