I am a doctor and former athlete. Jim‘s treatments have been the most beneficial for my medical issues, and while under his treatment have seen the quickest results.

Jim identified injuries which occurred 15 years prior and he identified these past injuries with only examination and palpation. I experienced significant increased range of motion at the areas of concern along with decreased pain and decreased rigidity immediately after the session. I would recommend Jim Fesler to any patient and/or colleague.

Rosemarie Resendez, DPM

“When I came to Jim, my neck and shoulders were so locked up that I literally could not feel anything. After only one session, Jim had released most of that muscular tension. Not only was the numbness gone, but I’d also regained most of my range of motion. The best thing is that the fix wasn’t temporary – thanks to Jim’s work and the homework he suggested, I’ve been able to maintain most of that progress. I couldn’t be happier!”

Maddie Mitchel Freelance Writer

“I shattered my lower leg and ran the gauntlet of treatments starting with surgery, titanium rods, screws, pins, pain killers and oral antibiotics to a PICC line with super bug killing IV bags. I used Jim for pain management and Reiki treatments for circulation during all of this horrid mess. My improvement both physically and psychologically can be attributed to Jim.”

Ann Silvester, Fort Worth

“After a 34 year firefighting career, I’ve suffered for the last 20 years with a lower back problem. This issue has flared up at different times for many reasons, with some episodes being debilitating for weeks. I’ve used prescription medication for days at a time, as well as chiropractic treatments to help me get through it. I went to Jim only once; he found the issue, explained what the problem was and treated it directly. Then he gave me some advice on how to stretch and treat myself. I haven’t needed to go back for that problem again.”

Greg McDaniel, Ft. Worth

“Jim is a unique and talented therapist. He has the uncanny ability to know where on my body I need work done before I tell him. His Reiki is amazing and he is skilled in several types of massage. He customizes each session depending on my needs. I have used several massage therapists in my 55 years – Jim is hands down the most gifted.”

Cathy Shipman RN

“Overall, I consider myself a very healthy and fit individual, however, like many individuals, I find my mind and body out of balance due to a fast paced environment. For the most part, my diet is clean and full of “real” foods, and I crossfit 3-5 times a week. I also work full-time, which means I spend 6-8 hours a day in front of a computer. I’ve been going to Jim for almost 2 years now, and recommend him without hesitation. I consistently leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. Jim’s knowledge of Reiki, Reflexology, multiple massage techniques and other various holistic approaches are what separates Dragon’s Breath Wellness from other massage therapists. ”

Cindy Horne, Arlington

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